Blockchain Solution


Cinemarket introduces Blockchain Technology to the film industry.  With the help of our users, we are building the world's first authoritative database of film licensing information that is globally accessible, permanently available and immutable.

Blockchain is a distributed database shared across the globe, maintained by a peer-to-peer network.

The technology has been popularised by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and has since been adapted for many different uses in different industries.  A Blockchain's key technological feature is its immutability: the data recorded in such a database cannot be changed after the fact by anybody in or outside the network.

Distributed database


A distributed database is physically replicated across thousands or millions of computers. 

This makes it impossible for data to be lost.  Blockchain Technology relies upon this feature to offer extremely robust and reliable data storage and transaction solutions to its users.

The key challenge in using a distributed database is to ensure that every single copy of the database is kept up to date and that every copy knows which data is authentic and which isn't.  In Blockchain, a peer-to-peer network of computers employs cryptographic methods and sophisticated consensus algorithms to create a definitive record of transactions that is recognized as being the single source of truth by its participants.

Cinemarket token


The Cinemarket token is a digital asset that allows users to interact with the Cinemarket platform.

Wallet solution


A wallet is a digital account by which the Cinemarket Token can be managed.