Cinemarket brings together an international dedicated team, built around professionals in the fields of film and video catalogs,
lawyers specialized in copyright management and licensing, as well as Blockchain and digital services experts.

Adrian Lugol


Filmmaker, Director, Screen-writer, Digital entrepreneur. Driven as a creative Entrepreneur and Filmmaker since 2005, Adrian has established substantial expertise in various startups in digital business. He has over 10 years of expertise in developing business-concepts as well as processing movies from the first idea to a final movie. At cinemarket Adrian is a game-changer and create the idea of cinemarket. He will bring the film-industry new Opportunities with the blockchain.

Florian GLATZ


Lawyer, software developer and entrepreneur working full-time in the blockchain and decentralization space since 2013. As a lawyer, he helps startups and corporations navigate the uncharted waters of applied blockchain technology in a world of legacy legal systems. As a software developer, Florian focuses on software-driven innovation in law and finance. As an entrepreneur he explores business opportunities related to emerging technologies. At Cinemarket Florian focuses on action-oriented, better operation and internal blockchain processes.

Jordan Mattos

Content manager

With over 5 years experience in rights management and content acquisition, Jordan creates tailored release strategies for niche films, and establishes key relationships with multi-platform partners. He has lead the licensing and distribution of over 50 international, award-winning films in the US, working with filmmakers such as Chiemi Karasawa, Leah Meyerhoff, Noaz Deshe, Miguel Llanso and Daniel Hoesl. At Cinemarket Jordan focuses on quality content management and help making it user friendly.

DR. Christian bauschke

Legal Advisor

Jakob Braeuer

Legal Advisor

Constantin von Jascheroff

Head of Original Content

Constantin von Jascheroff is a multi-talented german Artist based in Berlin. With over 20 years of experiences as actor, dubber & producer, Constantin was part of countless range of high quality dubbing projects and more than 80 movie productions, which has among others been screened at the Festival de Cannes and Berlinale Festival. Currently he is shooting for the Netflix production "Dogs of Berlin". On top of this background, he developped the past years a "freaking" and addictive interest for crypto and blockchain, which make him believe that it's time for the film industry to bridge into this new technology. At cinemarket, Constantin is responsible for some strategic business development as well as the head of in-house production and co-production.

Anne-Sophie Lehec

Content curator

Graduated from KEDGE and Shanghai University of Finance & Economics, she interned at the American Cinematheque. Her career started with French company Celluloid Dreams at the festivals department, before being hired by as Head of festivals partnerships. In 2012 the French Ministry of Foreing Affairs sent her back to Asia as audiovisual attachée at the French Consulate in Hong Kong. She was then hired by ASIAN SHADOWS as Head of Festival and Sales. She is now artistic and commercial advisor for asian films.

Jordi Wijnalda

Content curator

Independent, nomadic filmmaker in his own right, Jordi has  graduated Columbia University's School of the Arts in 2013. He has broadened his horizon through his work for renowned film institutions such as the Film Society of Lincoln Center, International Film Festival Rotterdam (and its distribution initiative IFFR Unleashed), and Binger Filmlab. At Cinemarket this indefatigable enthusiast, continues exploring new and alternative modes of film financing, production and distribution, fuelled by his own passion for filmmaking and a firm belief in solidarity between filmmakers worldwide.

Ana Asùa

Content curator

With a background in Sociology, Communication and Photography, Ana has developed her career in the intersections of cultural management, technology and education, improving the accessibility of film and visual arts. She has worked in service design and content curation for interactive apps and ended in the film business coordinating international distribution.

Thomas Lamontellerie

Back end & Front end Developer

Thomas is a passionate coder and the founder of Digitalis Web Agency, a leading company specializing in marketplace and e-commerce. Thomas is the head developer of the Cinemarket platform where he utilizes his diverse and remarkable skill set.

Raphael Buresi

DevOps & Strategy

With more than 20 years in the web, Raphael is one of the Internet pioneers when it comes to streaming and MP3 services. In the early 2000’s he set up a company like,, Raphael’s experience makes him our great project manager particularly focus on streaming and delivering smooth video content.

arnauld mottin

Communication & Design

Communication and designer with extensive advertising experience. With over 15 years working for the large company like Publicis, Young & Rubicam, and campaigns for La Vache Qui Rit, Decathlon, Volvo, and Quick, Arnauld jumped on the Cinemarket adventure cause he is passionate about cryptocurrency and a big believer in blockchain philosophy.

Leo Da Silveira


Leo build highly functional cooperative teams, he inicubates, accelerates and operationalizes business concepts from scratch. He was pivotal as a member of the founding team that created He travelled & worked in more than 30 countries. Since then he has founded an AI incubator and currently heads Gravity Berlin as the CEO.
At Cinemarket, he is Chief of Operations, responsible for creation, reengineering & analysis of our business processes.